Leeds, West Yorkshire

Category: Childrens Stories

What’s that Noise?

What’s That Noise? By Sam M. Raife What’s that noise? What’s that noise? It’s making me a little afraid. Don’t worry child, there is nothing wild, it can all be expertly explained. It’s the Elephant-Mouse. Who lives in a tiny house, you’ll find it under the stairs. At night it’s snore is long and pure,…
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A Birthday at Home

Now Available for Download On Amazon and available for download free on PDF. A Birthday At Home by Sam M. Raife Benji is a Superhero. With no powers. Zero. It’s his birthday. Is he destined to stare out the window?

The At Home Hero

Summary When Benji, finds himself suddenly in forced quarantine as a result of a nationwide virus, he needs to find things to do during the two-week total lockdown. With the help of Mum and Dad, the three come up with a series of daily activities to inspire creativity, fight against boredom and learn a little…
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